MBT 3560

MBT 3560 temperature sensors with built-in transmitter
With MBT 3560 we have combined the technology of our standard temperature sensors and the electrical connections from the MBS pressure transmitters with a new developed electronics which has resulted in a compact temperature sensor with a built-in transmitter.
The MBT 3560 is designed for use in harsh industrial enviroments where reliable, robust and accurate equipment is required. Available with a wide selection of process and electrical connections. Can be delivered with a 33 mm extension length which makes it possible to measure temperatures up to 200°C without damaging the built-in electronics.
Ultra compact design
Acid-resistant stainless steel enclosure (AISI 316L)
Temperature range -50 °C - +200°C
Pt 1000 resistance element
Output signals: 4 - 20 mA or Ratiometric
Protection tube: ø 8 mm
Multiple insertion lengths: 50 mm- 250 mm
MBT 3560 temperature sensors:
Measuring range: -50 to 200°C

Electrical connection: EN175301-803A, Pg 9

Resistance element: Pt 1000

Protection tube: Ø 8 mm

Process connection: G1/4 A